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Midwest Tile and Concrete is a Precast manufacturer and Supplier. We specialize in Precast Manholes, Inlets, Catch Basins, Box Culvert, Septic Tanks, Dosing Tanks,  and custom structures. Not only can we help you with your precast needs, but Midwest Tile & Concrete is also a distributor of all your drainage and sewage supply needs. Contact our inside sales team to help you with any of your projects from residential septic parts, to quoting of INDOT and Municipal jobs. The team at Midwest Tile will make sure you get the best products to get the job done right!

Corporate Office / Manufacturing

4309 Webster Road, Woodburn, IN 46797

(260) 749-5173
(260) 493-2477 (Fax)

Sales Team

Nathan Hart -Outside Sales (260) 410-9430

Ryan Hartup - Sales (260) 245-0824

Joel Barker-Sales (260) 245-0809

Brian Egnor-Sales (260) 245-0807

Pickup Yard

6209 Ardmore Avenue, Fort Wayne, IN 46809
(260) 478-9098